How Is My Donation Used?

Donations received during Give DeKalb County (GDC) provide our agency with unrestricted funding to help support our many programs. Donations received from 2023's campaign will specifically benefit our Cognitive Behavioral Support Program. While we receive funding from many sources, donations allow us to think outside the box when other funding sources cannot meet the needs of our participants. Many of our dedicated supporters donate during GDC because they know their donation will stay local and be maximized by the available Bonus Pool. Your donation to CBSP enable Elder Care Services to help older and vulnerable adults stay safe, secure, and supported in the DeKalb County community. Over the last nine years, GDC has seen increased participation and funding raised. Results from GDC 2022 can be viewed with this link.

Thank you to our community of supporters for making donations this year!

How to Give
Endowment Fund

You helped us reach our goal of $15,000 in donations in 2023!

In 2023, we were raising money for our Cognitive Behavioral Support Program (CBSP). This program offers behavioral therapy, caregiver support, and care planning services to vulnerable members of our community struggling with cognitive impairment or mental health issues. Our CBSP program helps preserve dignity and provides much-needed guidance when behavioral disturbances are experienced by an individual. This program is voluntary and free to those who participate. In supporting CBSP, you have made sure that these services are available for those that need them.