Our Staff

Meet the people who make these services possible every day.
Megan Becker headshot

Megan Becker

CC/APS Supervisor

Janice Cobb headshot

Janice Cobb

Office Manager

Christi Coulter headshot

Christi Coulter

Information & Assistance/SHIP Supervisor


Libby Hanson

Care Coordination

Shari Hanson

Shari Hanson

Information and Assistance Coordinator

Johanna Jackson headshot

Johanna Jackson

Care Coordination

Andrea Mclaughlin headshot

Andrea Mclaughlin

Care Coordination

Jessica Montavon headshot

Jessica Montavon

Care Coordination

Roxanne Nuttall headshot

Roxanne Nuttall

Care Coordination Supervisor


Tyler Owens

Money Management Coordinator

Tammy Rothecker headshot

Tammy Rothecker

APS Caseworker

Tara Russo headshot

Tara Russo

Executive Director

Lee Scott headshot

Lee Scott

Cognitive Behavioral Support Program Supervisor

Stephanie Severing headshot

Stephanie Severing

Care Coordination

Kelly Sullivan headshot

Kelly Sullivan

APS Caseworker

Sarah Frazier headshot

Sarah Frazier

APS Caseworker

Kaneysha Minder headshot

Kaneysha Minder

Care Coordinator

Karen Geraghty headshot

Karen Geraghty

Office Assistant/Case Aid

Leah Graceffa headshot

Leah Graceffa

Information and Assistance Specialist