Money Management

It doesn’t take much in today’s world to get overwhelmed or nervous when bills are not being paid or paid late. Serious illness, loss of family support/spouse, or just difficulty in reading can be some of the reasons for seeking assistance.

The Money Management Program at Elder Care Services provides free financial management assistance to qualified seniors.

Sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging, this program is a protective service for those who need help managing their finances to maintain independence. This program is known statewide as the Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program. The Illinois Department on Aging provides program policies, procedures, and materials. Ongoing training, support, and supervision are provided through the Money Management Coordinator at Elder Care Services. If you or a loved one need help managing finances, our in-home service has two separate and distinct programs which are custom designed to meet the needs of each person.

Bill Payer Program

  • opening, reading, and organizing mail,
  • writing out checks and balancing checkbooks,
  • establishing a budget,
  • intervening with creditors,
  • and assisting with financial assistance applications.

Our Money Management Coordinator will work with you in determining if the Bill Payer program is the best fit for your circumstances.

Representative Payee Program

If you or a loved one are no longer capable of handling your finances, let our Representative Payee Program manage your money. Elder Care Services is appointed by the Social Security Administration to manage monthly federal benefits of a client who has been determined incapable of handling his or her own finances. A separate bank account is opened with benefit checks automatically deposited.

The representative payee volunteer, under the direction of the Money Management Coordinator manages and pays the client's expenses from this account. Our Money Management Coordinator will work with you in determining if the Representative Payee program is the best fit for your circumstances.

Program Safeguards

To protect your finances, these programs provide insurance coverage of your funds. Volunteers are carefully selected, trained, and provided ongoing support. Volunteers only work from one designated bank account, with activity and accounts monitored on a monthly basis.



Individuals must meet eligibility criteria that are based on limits in income and assets. Contact Elder Care Services to complete an in-home assessment to determine if you are eligible for Money Management.