Choices for Care

The Elder Care Services Choices for Care program provides state-mandated nursing home pre-screening for adults.

Any individual in DeKalb County seeking admission to a nursing facility, whether for long-term placement or short-term rehabilitation, must be screened to determine if his or her need for nursing facility services are appropriate.
The pre-screening process is designed to ensure adults are aware of community resources that may present a safe alternative to placement, enabling the individual to remain at home or in the community. These assessments may occur in the hospital or in a home setting.

Elder Care Services Employees provide information to an older woman

The Choices for Care Program is conducted by trained care coordinators through the Illinois Department on Aging. The consultation provides an adult with education to help them decide if they would prefer to enter a long-term care facility, a supportive living facility, or to stay home with non-medical, in-home care services.

If an individual would prefer to stay in their own home with assistance, the care coordinator will complete an assessment to determine if the Illinois Department on Aging Community Care Program services would be available to the senior.

If an individual chooses short-term nursing facility placement for rehabilitation, a care coordinator would be available to meet with the senior in the nursing home before they are discharged home to complete an assessment for non-medical, in-home care.

Elder Care Services employee assists an older man
Our goal is to transition the senior to a home with everything that they will need in order to prevent readmission to the hospital or rehab center.

Local hospital discharge planners advise Elder Care Services when a nursing home pre-screening is required for patients in the hospital. If you or a loved one are home in the community and are considering nursing facility placement, please contact Elder Care Services to complete the screening process.

Two elders sitting side by side