Care Coordination

  • Are you wondering how to find specific services to help you or a loved one remain at home?
  • Do you or a loved one have a need for daily or weekly assistance that is not being met?
  • Do you or a loved one have physical limitations that keep you from doing all the things you want or need to do?
  • Is staying independent and at home a priority for you or a loved one?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, know that you are not alone. Many older adults share your concerns. Elder Care Services can help!
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Comprehensive Care Coordination

Through case management, Care Coordinators who are trained by the Illinois Department on Aging can meet with individuals and their families in the home. This is a free consultation to provide counseling and education about available services and then arrange and link the older adult to programs that are needed. Through Comprehensive Care Coordination the staff at Elder Care Services can provide education or link you to services that include:
  • personal care and house cleaning
  • adult day services
  • transportation and shopping
  • financial management
  • home delivery of meals
  • health care
  • housing options
  • legal assistance
  • energy assistance
  • mental health care
  • pharmaceutical help
  • benefit access programs
  • caregiver services and respite
  • friendly visitors
  • advance directives
  • mobility devices
  • medical equipment
  • assisted living facilities
  • nursing home facilities
  • annual visits, and more

Community Care Program

In-Home Service (Home Care Aides)

This service provides individuals to come into your home to assist with non-medical services. These tasks can include dusting, vacuuming, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, doing laundry, and preparing meals. They can also assist with personal care such as bathing and grooming. If you need mobility assistance, they can even help with transportation, errands, and grocery shopping services. Don't let your quality of life decline because of limitations due to the inability to get around. We can help.

Emergency Home Response Service

Reduce the fear of injury with this 24-hour emergency communication link. In the event of an emergency, the individual or caregiver can press the button on the emergency device to summon help from the support center. The support center assesses the situation and directs appropriate response, whether that means contacting emergency services or a family member. The Emergency Home Response System increases independence and reduces the need for nursing home care.

Adult Day Services

This program provides older adults with the opportunity to interact with others in a supervised setting outside of their homes. Adult Day Centers provide a wide range of social activities to participate in including arts and crafts, card games, and current events classes. Lunch is also provided at noon each day. These centers can provide respite to family members who are responsible for caregiving, allowing them to work outside the home during the day. Select Adult Day Centers offer specialized services for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s or related diseases.

Automated Medication Dispenser Service

Automated Medication Dispenser (AMD) service is a portable, mechanical system that can be programmed to dispense or alert the participant to take non-liquid oral medications in the participant’s residence or other temporary residence in Illinois through auditory, visual, or voice reminders. This provides tracking and caregiver notification of a missed medication dose and provides 24-hour technical assistance to the participant and responsible party for the AMD service in the home. The service may provide additional medication-specific directions, or prompts to take other medications via other routes such as liquid medications or injections based on individual needs.


You are eligible for the Community Care Program if:

  • you are aged 60 or older
  • it is determined that you are physically in need of services
  • you meet the asset requirements (which are explained when a Care Coordinator comes to your home)
  • you are a resident of Illinois
  • you are a US citizen or legal alien
  • and you apply for medical benefits

If eligible for the Community Care Program, all available services are free of charge. Your Care Coordinator will set up the program for you and monitor your service to ensure quality, so your needs are met over time.

Making decisions about needed care can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones. Let Elder Care Services provide a helping hand!