Cognitive Behavioral Support Program (CBSP)

A comprehensive program for those experiencing cognitive or behavioral difficulties
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“Our goal is to provide guidance to those experiencing cognitive changes in order to improve their quality of life.”
– Lee Scott, LCSW

Program Outline

Elder Care Services' newly developed Cognitive Behavioral Support Program (CBSP) is designed to assist individuals in the community with identifying signs of cognitive decline or maladaptive thought processes. After identifying the cognitive challenges experienced by the older adult, our CBSP team can provide behavioral therapies and supportive care planning to impacted individuals.

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Staff Qualifications

Program Coordinator, Lee Scott is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) certified to provide cognitive assessments and address behavioral concerns through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Additional program staff are also certified to conduct assessments.

Assessment Tool

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) tool is used for diagnosing and developing an appropriate plan to address identified needs. The MoCA test is a validated and useful cognitive screening tool for many illnesses impacting cognition.

Referral Process

Those who suspect they or their loved ones are struggling with cognitive impairment will be able to request a cognitive assessment to identify which areas in life the older adult is struggling and develop a plan of care to address these issues. Assessments and follow-up services can be provided at the Elder Care Services office or the program participant's home.