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An Older Adult and Persons with Disabilities Abuse Awareness Walk
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June 15, 2022
3:00 - 6:00 PM
Elder Care Services1701 E. Lincoln Hwy.
DeKalb, IL 60115

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th. Abuse against older adults and persons with disabilities continues to be a largely hidden and growing social, moral, and legal issue worldwide. Join us in bringing awareness of the abuse of older adults and people with disabilities by participating in our Strides for Change abuse awareness walk!

This year’s walk will be 250-feet long with each foot representing the number of abuse cases received by Elder Care Services during 2021. A short presentation and official walk will be held at the top of each hour. Walkers are welcome to attend the official walk or walk individually at any time between 3-6 PM. We will be providing participants with an #Engage2Change swag bag and ice cream while supplies last. This event is open to all individuals and is physically accessible to all.

Elder Care Services is DeKalb County’s only Adult Protective Services provider. For more information on this program, types of abuse, and how to report suspected abuse please view our Adult Protective Services page.

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